Fall 2021 (current)


First Day of School:

Sunday, August 29

School is Closed:

Wednesday, November 24 (online)

Saturday, November 27 (adult)

Sunday, November 28 (Thanksgiving)

Last Day of Fall Semester:

Sunday, December 5

Wednesday, December 8 (online)

Saturday, December 11 (adult)


Spring 2022 (NEW!)


First Day of School:

Sunday, January 16

Wednesday, January 19 (online)

Saturday, January 22 (adult)

School is closed – Presidents Week:

Sunday, February 20 

Wednesday, February 23 (online)

Saturday, February 26 (adult)

School is closed – Spring Break:

Wednesday, April 13 (online)

Saturday, April 16 (adult)

Sunday, April 17

Last Day of Spring Semester:

Sunday, May 15